Aug 15, 2019

Barco’s LED brightens students’ future by making their work shine

Experience Center 2 min read

The Visual Merchandising Program within the School of Vocational Design and Social Context at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia has adopted Barco’s high-tech LED tiles as a digital display to illuminate their students’ artwork in what was a milestone partnership to develop visualization solutions for the sector. 

Visual Merchandising is visual brand storytelling that aims to foster an emotional connection between brand and audience. The one-year hands-on RMIT course in digital and traditional design and display content teaches students how to spark the imagination and emotions of viewers. This is where Barco LED lent a hand to make students’ work stand out above the rest. Barco developed the Infinipix processing software and hardware for LED, a unique and important process that ensures that the correct colors and high contrast come through in the students’ work.

The program presented the LED X2.8R application for the first time as a digital backdrop at an event on August 13 to showcase the students’ best work to interested industry professionals. At the program’s annual VM Industry Social Night, industry experts and corporates came to see the designs that up-and-coming talent had beamed onto Barco tiles. Used as a canvas to illustrate the students’ creations, the Barco LED display platform left a lasting impression on those at the event.

The selling feature of the LED application for the program was the flexible tile sizes of either 3x10 or 4x8 with rental frames, making them ideal backdrops for different formats – whether using them internally in an academic setting, or to give students the best in LED quality to exhibit their work to potential future employers or collaborators at events such as the VM industry mixer.

The Visual Merchandising program chose to work with the LED X2.8R to highlight its recognized position as a design leader amongst industry professionals. The 32 tiles provided the platform for stimulating and engaging spatial displays intended for commercial use. Barco’s LED allowed for the best exposure so that students could make important industry connections for their careers in retail, events or styling industries.

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