When fast responses are needed, a good situational overview is crucial. For all crisis situations, including fire, floods, gas poisonous leakage, severe car accidents, etc., it's this overview that allows the quickest response, and the best decision-making. The ability to share information between agencies has proven to be vital in successfully managing major emergency situations, and interconnectivity between communications systems also povides better coordination among organizations. The control room plays an important part in this story. Here, all information is assembled, analyzed, and distributed to the various stakeholders. It's the central intelligence hub, and deserves the optimal Barco quality label.

Visualization solutions for any task

Barco's visualization solutions for the government market, go beyond the traditional large displays and video walls. We also supply the critical networked visualization solution that gets the information to any location in the world. What's more, our real-time collaboration platform provides an easy way to distribute the information in an easy-to-digest way, visible on any device with a standard web browser.

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